All 46 NPC Locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Week 8 & 9 Challenges

If you need some help finding out where the various NPC locations are in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, the community has your back. The fanbase for the game has put together a new map that can point out where each of the new NPC spawns are located. Each of these NPCs can be used with a variety of quests. You could have to visit them and find a weapon upgrade, or you could need to grab an item from them for Bars.

Use the map below, courtesy of the game’s Reddit, to find all the spawns:

All 46 NPC Locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

  1. Bandolette: Flushed Factory
  2. Gutbomb: Durr Burger
  3. Big Chuggus: Shanty Town
  4. Blaze: Timber Tent, South of Sweaty Sands
  5. Tess: Tess has replaced Reese’s location at Dirty Docks. You’ll find her on the eastern side of the island
  6. Bunker Jonesy: Northwest of Shipwreck Cove (the island’s southeastern corner)
  7. Burnout: South out of Steamy Stacks along the road
  8. Bushranger: West of Pleasant Park’s southwestern corner
  9. Cole: East of Steamy Stacks, near the water
  10. Deadfire: Northwest of Lazy Lake, directly south of the waterfall
  11. Dummy: West of the northwestern corner of Dirty Docks
  12. Farmer Steel: Southwest of The Orchard
  13. Kyle: Southeast of Weeping Woods
  14. Snow Sniper: East of Retail Row in the mountainous area
  15. Ragnarok: West of Holly Hedges along the beach
  16. Remedy: Craggy Cliffs, on the southeastern corner
  17. Sparkplug: Southern half of Catty Corner
  18. Splode: Unremarkable Shack on the map’s northern edge.
  19. The Reaper: Still in his mansion on the western edge of the map, near the middle.
  20. Crustina: South of The Orchard
  21. Triggerfish: North of The Reaper’s mansion, and West of Sweaty Sands
  22. Turk: Green Steel Bridge about halfway between The Spire and Dirty Docks
  23. Cluck: Eastern edge of Weeping Woods and on the small mountain directly South of The Spire
  24. Rebirth Raven: Northwest of Sweaty Sands
  25. Tarana: Boney Burbs
  26. Raz: Colossal Crops
  27. Lara Croft: Stealthy Stronghold.
  28. Shade: Near the trailer park at Sweaty Sands.
  29. Jules: Camp Cod
  30. Rex: East of the Spire
  31. Cabbie: Gas station at Lazy Lake.
  32. Wreck Raider: Coral Castle near the area’s largest temple
  33. Suntan Specialist: On the beaches of Sweaty Sands
  34. Castaway Jonesy:  Castaway Jonesy on the small island in the far northeastern corner of the map
  35. Slurp Jonesy: Slurp Jonesy is at the warehouse in Slurpy Swamp
  36. Grill Sergeant: Durr Burger Food Truck, East of Stealthy Stronghold.
  37. Jonesy the First: Northwestern corner of Pleasant Park
  38. Sash Sergeant: Weeping Woods, near the largest building
  39. Raptor: Eastern edge of Coral Cove
  40. Blackheart: At the large Pirate Ship directly west of Holly Hedges
  41. Jeckyll: Southwestern section of Steamy Stacks
  42. Power Chord: Southwest of Misty Meadows
  43. Stage Slayer: East of Craggy Cliffs
  44. Willow: Weeping Woods
  45. Cobb: Risky Reels, directly north of The Spire
  46. Zenith: Mount Kay’s peak
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