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WWE 2K22 may not come to next-gen consoles

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WWE 2K22 is a title that may get canceled, at least that wouldn’t be very surprising given the state of the franchise. Wrestling games have been in a very precarious state for a few years now, and the terrible games of the last few generations have really made things worse. And though we don’t have news about a direct cancellation, we do have a new rumor worth mentioning.

Redditors noticed that Sony changed its WWE 2K teaser video’s title from “WWE 2K22 Teaser Trailer | PS5” to “WWE 2K22 Teaser Trailer | PS4”.  This could be just a fluke or an error, as there has been no official confirmation on what caused this. So without that, it could also mean that WWE 2K22 may not come to next-gen consoles.

With WWE 2K21 having been entirely canceled, the publisher likely had to agree with WWE that the state of the games was damaging the brand. If only Electonic Arts and 2K would both learn these lessons from the NFL and NBA, respectively. For now, it looks like the return of the franchise could proceed very cautiously.

ICYMI: Sony removed “PS5” from the title so 2K22 might be a confirmed last gen exclusive title. from r/WWEGames

It’s important to note that this has not been confirmed anywhere by 2K, and is a rumor at best. There are reasons to suspect it might be a timed exclusive. Maybe 2K, and whatever developer they scrape up to put on it, might want to wait to see what sales look like with a larger install base first. Based on that outcome, they may then port the game to the PS5 and XSS/X.

If they do not go with a full port, there will likely be a compatibility patch at a minimum. That patch will add support for a higher framerate on the newer consoles, leading to the PS4 and Xbox One versions likely being cross-compatible with both consoles, depending on which one you choose to play. That will all remain speculation until we have confirmation from 2K. More news was promised about the game during the recent WrestleMania PPV, so hopefully, that comes soon.

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