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Star Citizen free weekend is live

Have you wanted to get into the craze that is Star Citizen? Did you want to test the game out a bit before committing fully? Well now is your chance because the developers are offering a full trial weekend to anyone who redeems a special promo code on the Star Citizen site.

Star Citizen’s most recent update is Alpha 3.1 and this gives gamers the chance to try it for free. Bear in mind that Star Citizen is still in the very early stages of development and it’s a very barebones experience. For now, CIG is committing to improving the baseline performance of the game before shoveling in the many new features and systems that are planned for the game.

With the access code below, you’ll be able to explore the Star Citizen Universe in a number of ships and vehicles: Get into the fight with the Mustang, enjoy the versatility of the trusty Aurora MR, haul freight like a pro (or steal it like a pirate) with the Cutlass Black, and tear it up planetside in the newly released Cyclone.

The code will also grant you access to Arena Commander, where you can hone your dogfighting skills, and Star Marine, where you can engage in intense FPS action. Simply follow the steps outlined below, and we’ll see you in the ‘verse.


To get in and try it out, head to the bottom of this page and link the code to your account.

If you want to read more about Star Citizen, how about checking out some of the new ships in Alpha 3.1, or maybe you want to peek behind the scenes at how development is chugging along, or just maybe you want to see some singleplayer footage from Squadron 42.

Whatever your interest in Star Citizen, I’m sure you’ll be waiting with bated breath for what the future holds for the ambitious MMO.

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