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POE Blight challenge league rewards revealed

Path of Exile Blight Expansion Announced

Where only a few short days away from the launch of the newest challenge league in Path of Exile, with the launch of version 3.8 and the Blight league. And now, Grinding Gear Games has more POE news for us to feast on. This time, we’re learning about the challenge league namesake, challenges. Completing the bulk of 40 challenges during the three month league will reward special cosmetics to players at the end of the 3.8 cycle, so better get ready to grind.

Completing 12 of these challenges will grant you a Blight-themed Helmet that seems at least a little reminiscent of the Sunlight Maggot from Dark Souls. A blighted Portal will unlock at 24 challenges completed, offering a weird mix of arcane and biological themes. 36 challenges will grant fans a pair of tendril wings that evoke some intriguing mix of light and dark elements.

And as with other leagues in POE history, players who complete a set of 40 challenges earn different rewards. You can see what they look like in the video down below.

If you’re looking for more info about the best ARPG around, why not check out our guides ahead of the new league launch. We’ve drafted guides for Atlas strategies and map shaping in Blight league. There’s also a new mechanics guide for 3.8 that’s taking shape.

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