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The final major update for The Master Chief Collection lands today

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Xbox Game Pass

The last major update for Halo: The Master Chief Collection lands today, bringing with it a ton of gameplay changes and a bunch of new game modes.

The big focus with this update is all about matchmaking. There’s tons of new options for offline and online multiplayer, includes a bunch of new game mode playlists. It’s a pretty massive update though, as it clocks in at roughly 73 GB in size. And it includes so much new content that it’s hard to know even where to begin.

And in case you’re worried about that install size, you do get to choose what languages and content are installed, saving time initially. Although be aware that this may increase load times in multiplayer matches due to fluctuations in player numbers.

The playlists across all modes have been broken into more granular lists, so it’s easier to target certain game modes that you like. Here’s the new breakdown for the playlist selection:

Social Playlists

  • Team Slayer (H1 – H4 Team Slayer)
  • Action Sack
  • Crossplay BTB (H1 / H2C & H2A / H4)
  • Halo: CE Team Arena
  • Halo 3 BTB
  • Halo 3 FFA
  • Halo 4 Team Arena
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Ranked Playlists

  • Halo: CE Team Doubles
  • Halo 2 Team Arena
  • Halo 2 Team Hardcore
  • Halo 2: Anniversary Team Arena
  • Halo 3 Team Doubles
  • Halo 3 Team Arena
  • Halo 3 Team Hardcore

*These playlists include cross-game offerings and require all four titles to be installed in order to join/play.

Fan favorites such as SWAT, Infection, and Snipers will be included at a later date.

Players can also create LAN parties for the MCC now if they wish. A DHCP-enabled hub will be required, and each console connected needs to have a unique ID to route packets for gameplay.

And it’s not just new game modes in this update, the visual upgrades like SDR and HDR support will finally be enabled for Xbox One X owners with this patch. Backend and network performance has also been optimized to reduce load times.

The full detailed list of fixes can be found at Halo Waypoint.

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