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Pokémon Unite monthly subscription service announced

Pokémon Unite Subscription Announced

A Pokémon Unite subscription for dedicated players has been announced. Players can pay a fee each month to get certain bonuses on their accounts. Called the Unite Membership, players can get a bunch of free stuff. Trainers get a variety of both cosmetics and gameplay buffs. The big addition is the stipend of 40 Gems per day, to be spent on upgrades and cosmetics. Along with that, the monthly sub includes a bunch of unique cosmetics and free additions.

Here are the currently announced bonuses for the Japanese launch:

  • 40 Gems per day
  • 10% Trainer Fashion Discount
  • Unique Chat Balloons and other features
  • Two Unite License Trials
  • Two Holowear License Trials per week

Announced for release in Japan, the Pokémon Unite membership costs 1150 Yen each month, which equates to around $9/£7. It remains unclear if this sub structure will deploy globally, but it’s likely that it will at some point. The reality is that this will end up costing more in Western countries. The features included will likely be the same though, so that’s good. The free-to-play MOBA is trying to pull in more paying users to grow the overall brand, so the move makes sense.

Previous moves to help promote the MOBA include including it in the legendary Pokémon World Championships. The Pokémon World Championships are a series of invite-only tournaments that take place in August. The joining of the MOBA Pokémon Unite to the roster of events offers more appeal for gamers and fans. A variety of gamers already show up at the events, but this move represents a much more varied approach by the Pokémon Company. In October, Pokémon Go was also announced as an addition to Worlds’ 2022 tournaments.

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