How to get Cal’s Inquisitor Outfit in Jedi: Fallen Order

How to get Cal’s Inquisitor Outfit in Jedi: Fallen Order

With Star Wars Day roaring on, games all across the different genres are banding together to celebrate the iconic franchise. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order joins the likes of Fortnite in making themed content part of the experience on this day of celebration for nerds everywhere. With a new free update, players will notice something very unique in the game.

There’s an entirely new combat challenge system in the game with the new free update. You can play through specifically crafted scenarios that pit Cal against waves of enemies, or you can create your own custom scenarios with any combination of enemies from across the game. The entire thing is pretty cool and gives players a chance to test their skills with a lightsaber.

Alongside the new scenario creator comes other content as well. Cal can be armed with upgraded lightsabers by the name of Protection and Defense I & II, offering a stat boost. Various other cosmetics include lightsaber parts, kyber crystals, ship decals, BD-1 colors, and outfits for Cal. The real star here, and something for the Sith in all of us, is Cal’s Inquisitor Outfit in Jedi: Fallen Order.

The new items and cosmetics are locked behind New Journey+ mode, the new game plus mode within Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. You can access the New Journey new game plus mode by selecting New Journey+ on the main menu. You have to have played through the game at least once to have unlocked this mode.

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Players making their way through New Journey+ mode, eventually unlocking Cal’s Inquisitor Outfit in Jedi: Fallen Order, among other rewards for an extra completion of the game. Also, the various hidden extras and bonuses within the game won’t respawn, so there’s no need to hit up places you went in your first time through the game if you already collected certain secrets.

As Cal takes on various threats and puzzles, he will uncover more details about his past and what happened on the faithful day Order 66 was issued. The extermination of the Jedi was a powerful and galaxy-changing event, and a masterstroke of manipulation by the Sith. Cal Kestis manage to live through it by only the barest threads, fleeing to a world deep in the reaches of space.

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