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Does Doom: Eternal have multiplayer?

DOOM Eternal Battle Mode Trailer 2

Does Doom: Eternal have multiplayer? The short answer here is yes, Doom: Eternal does indeed have a few different multiplayer options. Although it’s worth noting that the options are not traditional, at least for this genre classic of the FPS legacy.

There is, of course, the standard campaign first up. Although sadly, no, Doom: Eternal does not have co-op. There is no option for two players to blast their way through the legions of hell this time around. So if you wanted to tackle the single-player campaign with a friend, you’re out of luck. And if you wanted deathmatches, that’s out too.

Doom: Eternal does not feature the classic deathmatch mode, though. Bethesda and id Software seemed to have decided to go in a more modernized direction this time around.

The Battle Mode is the centerpiece of this new strategy at Bethesda. By taking asymmetrical multiplayer and smashing it together with all of the iconic elements of the DOOM franchise, there’s plenty of bloody fun to be had.

The mode pits a single player against a horde of hungry demons who are hell-bent on consuming his body and soul. The player is of course the legendary Doom Slayer, and his job is to survive. The player will have access to all of the destructive power of the franchise, with weapons like the shotgun and BFG being common in Battle Mode.

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The other five players in the mode all take on the roles of various demons, each with their own unique roles and abilities. There’s the big chunky Mancubus who has cannons for hands. The Revenant is a much more lightly armored and fast-moving foe, but not any less lethal. The demons will have to work together though, as Doom Guy ain’t no slouch.

But aside from all of that, there’s even more gory good times ahead.  Doom: Eternal features another set of challenges in weekly events and other challenges that reward players for taking on tough goals and completing them. The goal here is clearly to give players additional incentives to login and play the game. And they do that by offering cosmetics and other goodies for challenge completions. Expect things like playing in Battle Mode, playing higher difficulty settings on the campaign and other challenges to crop up every so often.

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