Does Halo Infinite have aim assist?

Halo Infinite

With crossplay becoming more of the norm in online multiplayer games, there are a lot of concerns that players have. The difference in skill can jump quite a bit depending on the platform being played on. One of the impending effects can be blamed on something called aim assists. This feature is pretty common on consoles, and has a very noticeable effect. The Player’s accuracy of shots is tweaked to make it easier to keep shots on target. This is done to account for the lack of extreme accuracy thanks to analog sticks.

While console players do have aim assist, it appears to be very minimal in impact. So that might mean there’s no real “snapping” to the target for shots. Players might notice a bit of tweaking for some headshots, but there’s not a magnetic effect. This is a common problem when aim assist is too extreme, where players have trouble aiming thanks to extreme overcorrection.

This will only be found on console versions, though, as PC doesn’t really need it. However, PC players will not have any aim assist to be found. The system will be pushed to console players only.

So while you can turn off crossplay, things are still a bit annoying. There’s other stuff you can do as well, particularly with customization. You can alter your Spartan ID, nameplate and more for some flair. You can also customize your Spartan in many ways, so try that out.

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You might also have some other questions about the game. If you have gameplay questions, you might be new to CTF. That means it’s a good idea to learn the controls, like how to drop the flag. There’s some free cosmetic 20th anniversary content you can claim. IIf you’re the kind of person who only wants to play with console or PC players, you can also get around the crossplay. You can also hop in with your pal in a splitscreen game if that’s your thing.

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