How to Craft Packed Mud Blocks in Minecraft

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The new Mangrove Swamp biome in Minecraft 1.19 brings a ton of new features to the game. The update adds mud to the game in the form of new useful recipes. There are currently three items you can craft with Mud Bricks, and then turn them into things like Mud Brick Slabs, Mud Brick Stairs, and Mud Brick Walls.

In Minecraft, packed mud is a new item that was introduced in the Wild Update. It is one of the many building blocks that you can make into buildings and other things. The sky’s the limit when it comes to your creativity. Here’s how to get started in 1.19 by making a load of Packed Mud Blocks.

How to Craft Packed Mud Blocks in Minecraft

The first thing you need to do is gather up some mud. This can be found as a natural block in Mangrove Swamps, and then dug up with a shovel. But if you are unable to find a Mangrove Swamp, you can pour water over dirt in version 1.19 to create a mud block. Use a shovel to then dig it up to get some mud. Wheat can be easily farmed or found in villages. You could also grow plenty of it on your own to make bread and other food items.

To actually make these blocks, you need a few things. As the game matures there’s going to be an ever-changing roster of different recipes you can use Packed Mud Blocks in Minecraft for. For now though, it’s all about the walls. To build walls, you need to combine one Mud with one Wheat. That is the basic recipe for one unit of the Packed Mud. It takes four Packed Mud to craft four Mud Bricks.

If you want to save resources, you can actually use a Stone Cutter. The basic recipe to build things like walls and other stone constructions. Alternatively, you can use a Stonecutter to only use one brick per stair or wall, or one brick for two slabs.

Here are the three things you can make with Mud Bricks as of Minecraft 1.19:

  • 6 Mud Brick Slabs require 3 Packed Mud
  • 4 Mud Brick Stairs require 6 Packed Mud
  • 6 Mud Brick Walls require 6 Packed Mud
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