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Magic: The Gathering Arena is a complex game that offers a very solid primer on playing the legendary CCG via the PC, without falling into the rabbit hole of MTGO. The most important thing in this version of the game are of course the cards. But getting those cards can be hard if you’re not buying them outright. If you want to grind out booster packs, you will need gold in Magic: The Gathering Arena. Daily quests, winning events, and even special sales can help with this, but here’s all the tips we can muster to farm the stuff.

Daily Rewards and Challenges

The biggest source of gold in Magic: The Gathering Arena is all about completing the various challenges the game gives you. Whenever you login each day the game will assign a suite of both daily and long-term quests. You get three of these tasks per day, and you get a single reroll on each of the quest bundles each day. Once you reroll that day though, that’s it.

You have two primary options for quests: quests and wins. Each of these has a few different rewards as well. Quests are much more complex though, as they often have randomized tasks. You could have to summon a certain number of creatures, or deal a certain threshold of damage. The options are very different per quest, so pay attention to them. The rewards will also vary for each task, ranging from 500 Gold, all the way to 750 Gold for completing each one. You can also earn some nice Mastery XP as well, 500 or more of that per quest is a nice reward.

The best thing about all of these is that they can be played against AI, and still count towards quest totals.

You can also use these to push for daily win rewards. Players who win more and more duels will get extra stuff. Players can earn 15 rewards daily which include gold, XP, and individual cards too. The first milestone will earn you 25 XP for the first 10 wins per day. The next milestone is at 15 wins, where you can earn an extra 750, 250 XP, and 6 individual random cards. If you’re short on time to grind, it’s probably better to aim for Daily Win Rewards, which have lower thresholds and fewer rewards but are still helpful.

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There are other options as well, like getting better at the game.

Mastery gold

And by getting better, I mean completing Mastery Challenges. These levels are essentially how well you’re doing at the game. The Mastery system is basically a paid battle pass of sorts for the card game. All players receive access to the Account Mastery and standard Set Mastery at no additional cost though, and you can earn various rewards for completing levels in it. You can earn up to 30 booster packs and a bunch of other rewards this way if you’re good enough.

The Mastery Pass is the paid version and costs 3,400 Gems to gain access to it. As you play the game, you earn ranks, with each rank holding various rewards. You can earn tons of cards, up to 20 more booster packs, for starters. There’s also 4,000 Gold to be earned as well. Players can even earn unique cosmetics for their Pets too, it’s all pretty cool. It’s not going to be easy though, so keep that in mind.

Playing in Arena drafts and other events

If you’re of a more competitive spirit, you might want to start putting your time into limited events and other goals. The booster drafts and other similar events can offer up Gems and booster packs as rewards, and are a great way to make up new decks. Trouble is, you already have to have a competitive collection to do well. It’s still an option for newer players, but it will be much harder than just playing the game and winning.

All this means one thing, you will need to put the time in to earn lots of gold in Magic: The Gathering Arena. You will want to play as much as possible without having too much worry for what you’re going well in. As long as you’re winning and completing challenges, the cards should be flowing pretty freely.

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