How to get stickers in Pokémon Go

How to get stickers in Pokémon Go

Stickers are a new cosmetic item you can add to your gifts in Pokémon Go. Right now there are five stickers being released, with the plan being to push out more. Niantic has said that new stickers will feature other Pokémon and various designs. Players will be able to send stickers to their pals in-game. As a cosmetic item, they could be applied to other items, as well as given out as rewards with other purchases, we’ll have to wait and see.

The new items don’t add any customization to accounts though. They’re not like buddies or other items, they simply attach to your gifts that get sent out. So if you’re sending that friend a package, attach a sticker for a bit of flair. Niantic has said that the items will be both purchasable and given out for free.

Niantic has not said exactly when the new items will come out. Players will be able to get them through a couple of different means. You will get stickers in Pokémon Go whenever you make a purchase for them at the in-game store. You have to spend PokéCoins on them for now. As of now Niantic has not released much other information, so we don’t know how much they will cost. The first batch will include five designs. You can buy these stickers in bundles as large as 50. This is so you can gift them to friends and the like. There will likely be some stickers given out for free as well. Right now all five designs will be exclusive to the store.

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And as time goes on, Niantic will add more. Players can expect more updated designs for Pokémon Go fans to celebrate the events and the game. Fans will also see the stickers in Pokémon Go added as rewards and friends gifts too. The stickers in Pokémon Go could be included in gifts, and you will have to use them, as you can only hold so many.

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