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Team Fortress 2 Developers Respond to #savetf2

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is a name that everyone recognizes. But in recent years, it has been plagued with problems. The popularity was already waning, but development has slowed to a crawl, and things aren’t being fixed. And that’s a major problem. #savetf2, a movement organized by the content creators of the game, wanted to undo some of the damage. But trying to save this FPS classic has been a very uphill battle.

After the TF2 and CS: GO source code was leaked in a massive hack, things just didn’t seem to get any better for Valve and co. The build leaked was a few years old, but it didn’t signal good things on the horizon for the aging shooter. The game has been around since 2007, and it used to enjoy a huge amount of success and regular updates. And now, the game is a shell of its former self in many ways. Player counts are way down, and the roster of maps hasn’t been updated by the devs in some time. The only thing keeping the game alive at this point is a dedicated following of fans creating content for the game. Though, without regular developer support to fix balance issues and other problems, that approach can’t work forever. There are some things that modders can’t fix.

Prior to that hack incident, things looked even bleaker when the Team Fortress 2 cosmetics market was taken offline. This was due to a glitch that allowed direct duplication of skins and other items, causing a crash in prices and other issues. Valve had to take the system offline to try and rectify the issue as best they could. Players blamed the incident even being possible on the over-reliance of skin-based monetization with various titles.

And then there’s one more major issue. The plague of botting has been a huge issue for years in TF2. The game has been plagued with bots farming drops to sell for the skins market. Even after the aforementioned price crash, this is still a common problem. Ask anyone in the community, and they will likely have experience with it. Hence why the community has been begging Valve for changes ever since the bots started to become a problem. And for most of that time, years in fact, Valve has done nothing.

So far, no patches or planned releases have been announced. This tweet is all we’re likely to get for some time.  Hopefully, the removal of bots won’t be too hard, but it will take time. There remain some fans who are concerned that the devs will only fix that and then nothing else. Hopefully, that won’t be the case.

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