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Downtime in any multiplayer game is frustrating. While the newest Borderlands game isn’t an MMO, it does have a multiplayer component. And that means players who want to game together have to hope the servers stay up. There is a single-player campaign, but the reality is that most of the fun is in multiplayer. That means having to keep an eye on server downtime. It sucks, but it’s something any online game ahs to deal with. Keep reading to learn how you can monitor the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands servers for any outages.

There’s no official server status page for the game, as it’s technically not an online title. There is a multiplayer component, and that can sometimes be frustrating. Case in point, the first week of launch is seeing an extended server downtime. Gearbox pulled down the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands servers with no explanation given. This was clearly some kind of backend problem, as the takedown was relatively soon after launch. It’s possible that some major issue had cropped up after launch, which needed emergency attention, prompting the downtime.

How to check the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands servers status

When you log into the game and have trouble getting into a lobby, there could be a server outage. It could be an issue on your end though, so make sure to check your internet connection first. Also, make sure to allow the game through any firewalls you might have active on the hardware or software side. If your other online apps work fine, there may be another issue. That’s where asking questions becomes important.  If other players you’re trying to team up with are having issues, the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands servers may be down.

When this happens on a widespread issue like the one affecting us today, there are usually some notices posted. First, check up on the @PlayWonderlands account on Twitter. This is the main account for this game, and is mostly going to be the first place to check for news on events, outages and more. If nothing is posted here, there’s one more place to check. The second source is @SHiFTstatus which handles the multiplayer aspect of the Borderlands games. If neither of these two accounts have posted any updates, and you’re ruled out other issues on your end, you may just be unlucky. If the devs are aware of the problem, they should post an update and have an ETA on a fix for any issues. You will just have to wait for the multiplayer to come back online. The good news is that you can enjoy the campaign in the meantime.

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