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CCP makes clear changes to policy regarding videos and streaming

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There has always been a contentious debate centered around RMT within the EVE community, and recently the EVE community can count another semi-victory against RMT loopholes.  After members of the EVE community of bloggers and broadcasters [namely EVE Radio’s DJ Wiggles and RMT chronicler NosyGamer] came out and disclosed communications from CCP on the subject of a possible RMT loophole. That loophole being streamers restricting giveaways for the purpose of brand promotion to those viewers that paid them real currency for their content. Some streamers had been worried that restricting giveaways of in-game assets to those that paid into the system would be a RMT offense.

Well, it would seem that CCP do in fact consider this the case, and have released a short blog on the topic.

The relevant section can be seen below:

If in-game assets are used in giveaways to promote popularity of a stream or video, there must be full parity between users who are viewing the content for free and those who are subscribed, and all viewers of content must have the same access to giveaways and the same chance to win prizes regardless of any subscription fees paid.

Use of in-game assets for subscription-only based prize draws and incentives constitute real money trading (RMT). This is against our policies.

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