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Warframe Glassmaker puzzle – Third crime scene puzzle solution

Warframe 27.5.4 Patch Notes

The good news here is that the clues you found in the crime scene will show you the correct way to go. The clues are generated from a random pool for each player, so we cannot give you the exact answer to your own puzzle, but we can show you where to find the correct answers.

The new Nightwave storyline continues to develop in Warframe. Players continue to hunt for the murderer across the stars as they hunt down clues at various crime scenes. Warframe is once again asking folks to head to a new crime scene with a new raft of clues to hunt down. This is now the third Warframe Glassmaker puzzle.

Each clue may be different for you, and the locations won’t always be the same. Use this guide to give you a clue as to what kind of times you’re looking for.

Also, you’re still collecting Cephalite Resonance to complete the story, so be on the lookout for that. This puzzle requires a bit of dexterity as well, as you need to collect the clues to activate a jumping puzzle. You have a timer to make the jumps after collecting the clues. Each attempt at the jumping sections costs 5 Cepehalite Resonance.

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The third Warframe Glassmaker puzzle follows the same trend as the previous two. Players will look over clues via visual cues and datapads to solve logic puzzles. Check below for the visuals and a video guide for how to solve the third Warframe Glassmaker puzzle.

First, the video guide. Down below that are the visual examples of each clue.

First Clue

The first clue is the word at the end of the Feelings datapad you find.

Warframe Glassmaker Third Crime Scene Evidence Solution

Second Clue

The second clue is the broken equipment you found at the crime scene. This may vary for each player.

Warframe Glassmaker Third Crime Scene Evidence Solution

Third Clue

The third clue will be the name of the Floof that you found near the victim.

Warframe Glassmaker Third Crime Scene Evidence Solution

Fourth Clue

The fourth clue will be the Syndicate symbol that’s prominent in your crime scene.

Warframe Glassmaker Third Crime Scene Evidence Solution

Fifth Clue

The final clue is the type of weapon found nearby the victim.

Warframe Glassmaker Third Crime Scene Evidence Solution

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