Exploration MMO Wander Coming To PlayStation 4 Next Week


Wander, a new style of MMO will debut on June 4 for the PS4. The new MMO eschews the standard MMO conventions of space and fantasy for a sandbox approach focused on exploration and narrative. As players progress, they’ll be come across glyphs that will give them more communciation options. The more you uncover, the more you’ll be able to converse with other explorers.

The game sees players take various different forms, including that of a giant tree, an amphibian, and a griffin. The launch trailer, released today, reveals the new Hira humanoid form. She has gills and fins, which means she can swim, and she can use the fins as a wing suit when skydiving. She can also ride on top of griffin players and skydive between griffins. You’ll also be able to team up with other players. In humanoid form, you can hop on the back of a player in griffin form, for instance.

Wander will be out on June 4 for PlayStation 4.

The trailer can be seen below and shows off some of the games lush environments and hints at gameplay mechanics.

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