How to build a house in Grounded

How to craft a Busting Tool in Grounded

The house in Grounded is a more permanent home, featuring a much more safe environment, complete with a bed to sleep for the night. For starters, focus on grass walls, the grass is much more common than the other more complex Weed structures. You have a few different cosmetic options as well for building your new home. You will need to gather plenty of grass stalks, woven fibers, and other resources to get going though.

This will be much more stable and useful than a simple Lean-To. Both of these structures can be used to set your spawn point, so it’s useful to construct your house nearby to where you want to focus your efforts. The amount of resources you need to invest here means that the location of your house is likely to become your main base.

Here’s a variety of resources you’ll likely be building to make a home. Use the list below to figure out the resources you need. Each component of the house has its own requirements, and you will need at least four walls, a door and a complete roof to technically make a full house in the game. Once you have the materials listed below, it’s time to craft the workbench. Go into the Crafting Menu and look for the items you need.

You have a bunch of different options for using to make a bunch of walls and other elements of your new home. Here’s a list of each of the resources used to make the house in Grounded:

  • Wall: Four grass planks
  • Windowed wall: One weed stem, and three grass planks
  • Door: One weed step, three grass planks, one sprig, and two woven fiber.
  • Sturdy door: Three weed stems, four woven fiber, and two sprigs
  • Stem wall: Three weed stem
  • Windowed stem wall: Two weed stem
  • Scaffold: Two weed stem
  • Triangle scaffold: One weed stem
  • Roof: One weed stem, four clover leaves
  • Roof corner: One weed stem, four clover leaves
  • Roof Interior corner: One weed stem, four clover leaves
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And here’s how to get each of these resources.


Sprigs are found all over the place. Just look on the ground for small leaves. These can also be found as medium-sized plants with single stem leaves. This is different from Weed Stem, which is a tier II resource.

Grass Planks

These items are found very easily. Get a Chopping Tool of some kind and cut down the grass stalks. These are basically the bug equivalent of trees, and will drop between four and six Grass Planks. Just grab a bunch.

Clover Leaf

Clover Leaf is found in specific areas, check out our guide to finding clover leaf for the details. The short version is that you want to head to the Mysterious Machine, and you will find it growing nearby. You will need to bring a Chopping Tool of some kind to cut it down. But if you’re already this far into the game, that’s not an issue.

Woven Fiber

For the Woven Fiber, you need to analyze Plant Fiber in the computer. Take it back there once you find some and it should unlock the Woven Fiber recipe for crafting in the Materials tab of the Crafting menu.

That covers the resources to build the consistent components of a house in Grounded. Now you just need to build the house itself.

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