Fortnitemares 2021 brings scares and skins for Fortnite in October 2021

Fortnite Halloween event Fortnitemares 2021

Fortnitemares 2021 is here with cosmetics, playlists, and even short films to celebrate the season of scares and treats. Some players might find the festive Winter months to be much more fun, but a lot of people enjoy scares, tricks and treats. As announced on the Fortnite website, this year’s event focuses on a bunch of classic movies monsters and ghouls. Rick Grimes of The Walking Dead, Frankenstein’s Monster and many others are being brought into the cosmetics store on Oct. 5 to celebrate the month.

Frankenstein’s Monster may be one of the title skins during the event, but he’s not the only option. Like many other in-game events in Fortnite, there’s a whole cadre of skins to hunt down. This monster mash is just getting started. Fortnitemares 2021 is bringing out a great many stops this year, and fans are in for a treat.

Along with the skins, comes a new LTM.  Halloween-themed maps and game modes of a few other kinds also make their debut this month. The map is getting some spooky themese and new quests to explore. There’s even new weapons to find and fight off the resurgent Cubes with. Blast away those pesky Cube Monsters with the new Dual Fiend Hunters, some double crossbows.

Finally, Fortnitemares 2021 includes Shortnitemares, a night of spooky animated shorts you can watch in a custom-made theater in Creative mode.

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Epic says these announcements aren’t “even everything happening in Fortnitemares this year.” It looks like they have more frights planned soon, although we just don’t know what to expect.

Fortnitemares 2021 will last until the start of November. For more info, check out the site.

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