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Secret Passages in Fortnite are disabled, here’s why

Secret Passages in Fortnite

Secret Passages in Fortnite were added at the beginning of Chapter 2 Season 2. These special tunnels connected areas of the map together, allowing for some sneaky travel between zones. There was another reason to use them though. If you learned the routes, they made for very useful ambush points as you could pop out on top of unsuspecting players using them. They were helpfully disguised as toilets, dumpsters and other innocuous items, aiding in the potency of ambushes.

Secret Passages in Fortnite are often central to high-traffic areas like the Grotto, and the Agency, and in the new Seasons, you could find them at places like the Fortilla and others. It seems there’s a problem though, as they have randomly stopped working.

Epic sent a tweet earlier this week saying that the tunnels were temporarily disabled in-game. They gave no reason why, simply saying it was “due to an issue”. Players lost out on the potential hiding spots, and functionality still has not been restored. As of now, they no longer work as they once did. Now, if you jump inside one of the spots where the tunnels are, you will just hide inside. Although now many players know where the exits are and know to avoid them.

This is OK for overall gameplay, but it is bad news for those wishing to get an early drop on some loot spawns. Players often used Secret Passages in Fortnite to get the drop on loot at Fortilla, Catty Corner, and the Authority. The tunnels allowed off-site drops and then players could rush in and beat people there if they were quick enough. Losing this access to early-game items and the Vaults at these sites could be disastrous for some players. Guess we will just have to adapt until the functionality is restored. Epic has given no timeframe on when or if this will happen.

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