Where to find Glowing Moss and Vines in Happy Home Paradise

What's Coming in Happy Home Paradise

There are a lot of hidden things in the Happy Home Paradise DLC. Not only are there a bunch of new crating recipes, the game also added a bunch of new items. You can grow crops to make them into the new cooking recipes. There are a whole bunch of new cooking recipes to tinker with as well. The update also brings 16 new villagers for players to try and recruit for some island-based fun. You might want to check them out. And with all of that, there’s plenty of new decorations to be found as well. A new co-op on Harv’s island can be run as well, giving you many more shopping options.

Along with all of that, comes the new vacation island. Players can tweak and plan homes for a troop of vacationing villagers and give them their dream homes. The themes of these new homes varies according to each villager. The player is also responsible for building schools and other themed buildings to give the island inhabitants jobs. It’s a great little system.

You can most often find Glowing Moss and Vines in Happy Home Paradise’s main island. This island has many different zones to check out, with items hidden all around.

Among the many hidden items are Glowing Moss and Vines in Happy Home Paradise. You can find these in a few locations. Explore around the island in the DLC, you will notice them around. Look along cliffs and other borders for the vines hanging down, as they often spawn at higher elevations and hang down.

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The Glowing Moss can be found around on the ground. It looks very similar to weeds and has a distinctive curly shape.

If you can’t find it on your vacation island, use a Mystery Island via the boat tours, as they often can have hidden fruits, flowers and other plants. Spend the 1,000 Nook Miles and see what you can find.

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