How to set up splitscreen multiplayer in Halo Infinite

disable crossplay in Halo Infinite

Splitscreen multiplayer is one of the best things to ever be added to video games. Anyone who has played Halo or any other FPS knows the joys of couch co-op and LAN games. There’s a lot of fun to be had blasting your friends in the face in these games. The functionality has somewhat died off in the age of online play, but 343 has given it a revival. There’s actually full support for two players to share one console in the new game. Players can play in custom games, or join online matches, here’s how.

How to enable splitscreen multiplayer in Halo Infinite

When you’re ready to begin, here’s what to do. You need to begin inside a playable lobby. This is because the multiplayer system works off of fireteams, and they are built into the social aspects of the game. And that includes the splitscreen multiplayer in Halo Infinite.

Unfortunately, you cannot play Halo Infinite with a guest account like you could in previous games. Each player on the console needs to have their own account. Start by signing in the second player with their own controller. Turn on their controller and have then join your lobby via their own account.

The second player should be placed into your lobby, and you are good to go. Once you have the fireteam ready to go, you can then join a playlist as a group. You could also go into a custom game and goof around, whatever you want.

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There are a ton of other things to learn as well. And don’t feel bad if you’re a new player, there’s a lot to learn. Be warned though, sometimes people can be mean. If you don’t want to deal with toxic players, try muting them.

You might also have some other questions about the game. If you have gameplay questions, you might be new to CTF. That means it’s a good idea to learn the controls, like how to drop the flag. There’s some free cosmetic 20th anniversary content you can claim. IIf you’re the kind of person who only wants to play with console or PC players, you can also get around the crossplay.

To cancel out of splitscreen multiplayer in Halo Infinite, you need to then dismantle that new Fireteam. You just need to turn off the controller of the other players to do this. Just hold down the Xbox button and select Turn off Controller. Powering off connected controllers should remove them from the fireteam.

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