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The idea of weapon loadouts has been a very contentious topic in the FPS genre. Players argue that it has its merits and drawbacks. The added ability to customize weapons and gear is nice, but has some issues. One of the biggest issues is that it leaves players in the dust as the game ages. New players just don’t have as many options as more seasoned ones, widening the gap in power.

Other franchises break this idea by allowing players to unlock new weapons and change loadouts as they play matches. 343 seems to have understood the inherent problems with balancing that kind of gameplay for new players. So that means they opted for another system. Here’s how to change loadouts in Halo Infinite. Or rather, why you can’t. You were able to select your loadouts in Halo 4 and Halo 5, and that led to problems.

The developers decided that instead of letting you change loadouts in Halo Infinite, they would opt for a system that uses static loadouts in each game mode. Players can still get weapons on maps, but starting gear is the same for everyone. In Quick Play and Big Team Battle matches, you start with the Assault Rifle, Sidekick pistol, and Frags. This gives all players the same range and DPS limitations, evening overall playing field. Now, it’s more about how you use these weapons and your map knowledge.

Though the loadouts are locked by the game modes, there are tons of other things you can change. You can alter your Spartan ID, nameplate and more for some flair. You can also customize your Spartan in many ways, so try that out.

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You might also have some other questions about the game. If you have gameplay questions, you might be new to CTF. That means it’s a good idea to learn the controls, like how to drop the flag. There’s some free cosmetic 20th anniversary content you can claim. IIf you’re the kind of person who only wants to play with console or PC players, you can also get around the crossplay. You can also hop in with your pal in a splitscreen game if that’s your thing.

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