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Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town remake heading to Switch

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The Switch version of the classic Harvest Moon game will obviously send players back to the idyllic Mineral Town. And all of the characters and locales older fans know and love will be making a return. The game won’t be called by the same name though, as the remake will be called Story of Seasons: Reunion of Mineral Town due to a copyright dispute over the original name.

The original GBA game from 2003 will be getting a full visual makeover, improved controls and a better overall performance standard.

Check out the new trailer announcing the Switch release down below. Developer Marvelous has announced a release date as well, at least for Japan.

So while it’s great to see more older titles getting a new lease on life, Switch fans are always hungry for more games on the portable platform. And with the massive popularity of similar games like Stardew Valley on the portable console, there are likely many Nintendo fans eagerly awaiting this new Harvest Moon game on the console. Given that Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been delayed to 2020, the Switch remake of Friends of Mineral Town will tide those fans over as well.

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Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town is set to release in Japan and the rest of Asia on October 17, 2019, for the Nintendo Switch. There is a global release planned for the Switch port, but no date has been given as of yet.

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