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World War Z gets a Horde Mode and The Bomber in new update

World War Z Horde Mode Z

The next wave of post-season content has landed for World War Z, the titular component of this patch is World War Z Horde Mode Z. Within this new mode, players and their teammates will face down a ravenous and endless wave of the undead. Each wave gets progressively harder, but you’re not being asked to take on this incredible challenge alone. Saber Interactive has designed the new mode as a pillar of co-op play, with a focus for combined arms being the key to survival and ultimate victory. In between rounds, players can upgrade their firepower, defenses, and scavenge for free pickups like heavy weapons and medkits. Basically, it’s like any horde mode ever.

The new game mode is also the debut of a new special infected type. The Bomber is what happens when an explosives expert undergoes zombification. The Bomber can deal incredibly lethal damage to players, but will often rush player emplacements and defenses to take those out as well. This target-rich environment has been made a lot more dangerous with the addition of the Bomber and World War Z Horde Mode Z. Although if you manage to take down the new threat, expect a fat bonus in loot.

The patch which includes this new content also includes some fixes and a few general improvements. There are fixes for a handful of crashes in the patch for example. A smattering of bugs, focusing on improving UI elements and localization accuracy for instance, are also in the update. The developers are wrapping up the second season of DLC content after this update, but expect more content after that.

Preview the update in the trailer down below. We’ve included the full patch notes for the game mode and the general update down there too.

World War Z Horde Mode Z Patch Notes

New Features

  • Added a new game mode: Horde Mode
  • Added new Bomber special zombie that will spawn in all modes and levels
  • Added Special Operations Forces skin pack (included for Season Pass owners)
  • Activating certain mutators in private lobby will result in reduced currency and XP rewards
  • The Flare gun can now spawn as a rare weapon on all levels. When fired, it will distract and burn zombies.


  • Fixed Screamer not moving to attack player in some cases
  • Bots will not attempt to finish off the Infector in melee if it is very far away from them


  • Fixed issue with Hellraiser’s Technician perk not increasing the maximum number of targets.
  • Fixed issue with prestige perks reducing max ammo instead of increasing it.


  • Minor UI and localization fixes


  • Fixed several gameplay crashes


  • Fixed some gameplay bugs that were causing inability to progress in levels

General fixes

  • Fixed issue with all ammo affecting mutators, that would result in giving players wrong amount of ammo
  • Fixed issue with flamethrower continuing to fire even if player swapped to a different weapon
  • Fixed another issue with prestige levels not saving correctly in some cases
  • Reduced volume of Sniper Rifle firing sound
  • Adjusted hit marker sound, now it is more subtle and will be affected by SFX slider in audio settings

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