How to complete the Good Cop, Bad Cop Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Good Cop Bad Cop Challenge in BitLife

The weekly challenge of Bitlife is here for this week, and it’s going to be a doozy. Each week, you get given a series of unique tasks to complete for a unique cosmetic reward in-game. And then thee’s the challenge vault. CandyWriter added the Challenge Vault as a paid addon for players to make their way through archived tasks from the week’s past. There are multiple challenges for you to work on in BitLife. These challenges are usually a lot of fun, and involve messing with the game in a variety of ways.

How to complete the Good Cop Bad Cop Challenge in BitLife

The tasks are once again unique to this challenge, and should be completed in the correct order. You will need to complete these tasks to finish the Good Cop, Bad Cop Challenge in BitLife.

  • Become a police officer
  • Give gifts to 10+ co-workers
  • Have 3+ addictions
  • Take your family on 3+ cruises
  • Murder your supervisor in a drive-by

The first thing you need to worry about is having your character become a Police Officer, this can take a bit of work. You could up your chances of the gig appearing in the Occupation tab by getting criminal justice degree, but it doesn’t seem to be entirely necessary.  Plenty of jobs are listed on this page, but you need to find the right one. You’re looking for Cadet, so keep refreshing the list until you get the one you want. You may need to reset the app or age up in-game to get the list to refresh properly. Work at this job a few years to make some cash, as you’re going to need it later.

The next step is to provide at least 10 gifts to your co-workers. This is the easiest step in the game, as you just need to buy things for your fellow cops. When you buy something like a car or jewelry, it will be listed in the Assets tab. Go there to see what you can get rid of. Go into the Occupation tab, then click on a coworker, then select Gift. Do this 10 times or more to complete this step. Also, go on vacations a lot. You can do this at the bottom of the Activities page, where you can choose to take your family on a cruise. Do this three times.

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Then you want to spend time getting addicted to various vices. These can be gambling, drinking or drugs. The fastest way to get an addiction in BitLife is to go out partying via the Relationships tab and the Nightlife option. Every so often, you will be offered a drug or drink of some kind, always take the offered substance. Eventually, after enough of these random encounters, you will develop enough addictions to satisfy this step.

Once you’ve managed to get all the other steps done, you’re ready for the finishing move. Go into the Occupation tab and choose your Supervisor by clicking on your job. Choose the option to murder them. If the option for drive-by doesn’t show up in the dropdown, close the app and then try again.

Once you’ve completed all these tasks, you will earn a randomized and complete the Good Cop Bad Cop Challenge in BitLife.

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