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TennoCon 2020 switches to digital-only amid COVID-19 spread

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The global spread of the COVID-19 strain of coronavirus has gone far beyond any hope of reasonable containment, short of a massive interruption to daily life. As more and more activities around the globe grind to a halt, more and more countries are essentially entering lockdown. The US has just announced a wide range of measures aimed at containing the spread of the virus, although many are concerned about the Trump administration acting too slowly to help halt the spread of new infections. There are also constant concerns in some areas about a lack of effective testing coverage for average people. Not to mention a baffling strategy of information dissemination which has companies supposedly involved searching their heads.

Despite these issues, it appears as the gaming industry has been very on-point with their response. Companies have switched into remote work mode, allowing employees to protect themselves through self-isolation. Gaming companies all over the globe have canceled conventions and public events all over the schedule for the next few months. E3 2020 has been canned, as have other major gaming events. Various awards shows and conventions are exploring digital-only distribution models.

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And companies themselves are also taking care of their employees. Bungie has already announced a work-from-home plan. Just today Blizzard also announced something similar.

Now Warframe developer Digital Extremes has announced some of their own plans for 2020. This July 11, the Canadian developer will hold a digital live stream event to disseminate the information about new features and content coming to their major game. There will be no fan convention this year as DE has decided to opt for a safer model.

The Duviri Paradox will be part of TennoCon this year, but it’s not known in what capacity that will be true. We know that the new expansion has some interesting content, but we have only seen teasers of it so far.

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