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Saryn Prime and Valkyr Prime unvaulted

Saryn and Valkyr Prime Unvaulted

The Prime Vault is something any experience Warframe player is well familiar with, but for you new people, here’s the rundown. The Prime variants of different Frames and gear within the shooter are usually only available in the drop table for a limited time, before being sealed away in the Prime Vault. This means that the blueprints and materials to craft these powerful items will no longer drop from the Relic system.

Every once in a while though, developer Digital Extremes unseals the vault, allowing a short time for Warframe players to farm these rare ingredients. And just like previous outings from the Vault, players will have to farm like mad to get the Relics needed to roll for these Prime drops. And it’s not just two new Frames being added to the loot table either. During this event, players will also able to farm for Cernos Prime, Nikana Prime, Spira Prime and Venka Prime weapon parts too.

Since Saryn Prime remains as one of the stronger all-round Frames in the game, you want to do this and get those parts ASAP. You can check out the excellent Frame in action down below.

These new and returning Relics are specifically the Lith C5, Lith V6, Meso N8, Neo S13, Axi S5 and Axi V9 variants. To get these rare drops, you need to farm the right missions. Players can find a quick list of the three best locales to farm for Relics with the drop chance for these returning drops. You can also do various Void missions, but the randomized spawn of these makes them much harder to farm.

  • Orokin Vault: Endless runs are great for sustained farming, as long as you have the surivability. Blitzing Capture missions is a more burst-fire method that can be used for quick farming runs.
  • Plains of Eidolon Bounties: Some PoE bounties can drop Lith and Axi Relics, make sure that the rotations you do are the right ones, as only some versions drop the right Relics.
  • Fortuna Bounties: Again, check the rotation. Fortuna is better for more experienced players though, as it will be easier to blitz the bounties. Make sure to focus on the bonus objectives as these can grant a second Relic.
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Here’s the breakdown of where the Relics spawn most reliably, click the link for more details from the wiki:

  • Lith C5 – Cetus Bounties Lvl 10-30, Fortuna Bounties Lvl 10-30
  • Lith V6 – Cetus Bounties Lvl 10-30, Fortuna Bounties Lvl 10-30
  • Meso N8 – Cetus Bounties Lvl 20-40, Fortuna Bounties Lvl 20-40
  • Neo S13 – Cetus Bounties Lvl 30-50, Fortuna Bounties Lvl 30-50
  • Axi S5 – Cetus Bounties Lvl 40-60, Fortuna Bounties Lvl 40-60
  • Axi V9 – Cetus Bounties Lvl 40-60, Fortuna Bounties Lvl 40-60

Check out all the other Prime Vault deals going on over at the official Warframe site.

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