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When does the Path of Exile 2 beta start?

Path of Exile 2

We are just about to get more news about Path of Exile 3.14 and the Path of Exile 2 beta this month, and fans are excited. Path of Exile 2 will run through the same launcher, but will be separate from the first iteration in every way that matters. A new revised engine will give players a world that should run better than the current game. This improvement alone is something players have wanted for years. With a new campaign comprised of 7 new acts. The previous game took quite a long time to get to 10 acts, so having this much right off the bat suggests GGG has learned some needed lessons. A new skill system, new Gem setups, 19 new Ascendancy Classes and so much more will help flesh out the experience.

So when does all this drop? The Path of Exile 2 beta won’t begin for a while, even though we’re getting news about it on April 8. Grinding Gear Games has said that the current plan is to run the beta sometime in 2022. Until that happens, and even after, the original game will continue to get expansions and content updates.

During the first ExileCon, Grinding Gear Games gave out a ton of teasers and early info about PoE 4.0, or Path of Exile 2. The game will take place 20 years after the event of the current game’s iteration, meaning that a lot has changed. The world of Wraeclast is still as chaotic and war-torn as ever before, but a lot of things are improving. The new lore being built up by GGG is pretty spooky, and seems to be building on what the current expansions are focusing on as well.

Path of Exile 3.14 will likely include more of Doryani and the Vaal in an expansion aimed at iterating on Incursion mechanics, so Alva gets a new adventure, it looks like.

Alongside that rich new lore, gamers are getting a ton of new gameplay experiences too. A completely fresh meta-game has the potential for some truly strange builds. And with the revamp to gearing and gems coming, there’s so much to streamline that will make this version of the game much less of a chore to progress in.

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