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EA drops trailer for Titanfall Battle Royale, Apex Legends

Apex Legends Launch Trailer

Respawn and Electronic Arts have revealed their newest game project, and sorry Titanfall fans, it’s not the third main game in the FPS franchise. This new explosive title in the ever-present Battle Royale genre is a new title based on the popular giant robots and parkour shooter franchise. And while there are no titans in this game, there’s still dozens of players jumping around and blasting each other in the face.

And while this new trailer is purely cinematic, it still has gamers pretty hyped up, so that’s good. So you should take a look while you’re downloading what’s sure to become the latest craze in the crowded Battle Royale genre.

The game got a very stealthy launch, especially considering how these kinds of AAA releases usually go. There were rumblings that EA and Respawn were working on something new for a while, but nothing was confirmed until shortly before the game launched.

The trigger was pulled on promoting the game pretty early on though, as many Twitch streamers, gamers and online personalities began pushing the new title really hard. The focus on fast-paced action combined with stylistic gameplay and Overwatch-like character abilities really helped propel the game to early popularity. And as time goes on, this game is sure to grow.

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Check out the trailer for Apex Legends down below. Apex Legends is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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