How to make a fence in Minecraft

How to make a fence in Minecraft

Fence in Minecraft is a useful material. Not only can it be used to section off areas of a base or village, but it’s surprisingly versatile. You can use it to add decoration to a walking path. For example, try stacking multiple fences ontop of each other and placing Glowstone blocks on top for a nice lamp. Fence in Minecraft can also be used in constructing buildings to add accents and even to build unique looking walls.

If you need to keep your farm or base organized, it’s really helpful to have a steady supply of fence in Minecraft. The wooden material can also block off mobs from wandering around and even slow down mobs trying to attack you. And even though you can see through them, they cannot be jumped over from blocks the same level as a fence.

You can find a fence in Minecraft scattered around the world, as it’s placed at worldgen. The simple wooden bits spawn in mineshafts, library rooms of strongholds, shipwrecks, certain villages, and mansions too. You can also craft your own too, which is much easier than hunting it down.

You can build the fence out of any whole wood planks and sticks. The type has to match between the two. Oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, and dark oak wooden planks can all be used to make the item. So you cannot use a mix of oak and spruce for example. And you can even use Nether Brick. Nether fences can also be found in nether fortresses.

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To craft fence in Minecraft you will need four matching wooden planks/nether brick blocks and two sticks/nether bricks. Open up the crafting grid in any table and insert the two bottom rows with planks/nether brick blocks in the outermost four columns. Place the two sticks/nether bricks into the innermost two columns on this same set of rows. Check out the image below for an example.

How to make a fence in Minecraft

Image Credit: (Mojang/Minecraft Wiki)

Regardless of which method you use, you will get multiple fence blocks per craft. Wooden fence yields six blocks per craft. Nether fences yield three blocks per craft. And remember, you can stack entire stacks of the raw resources into the crafting table and shift-click to speed up crafting in batches.

Wooden fences can be broken with any tool, although an ax will do it the fastest. With the nether fence, you will need a pickaxe to break it down and pick it up, just like any other mineral or rock block. Not using a pickaxe means you lose the nether fence.

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