How to get into the Witness Protection Program in BitLife

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Sometimes you want to get out of the life of crime in BitLife. This can be dangerous. The Witness Protection Program in BitLife is your only way out alive for this reason. You need to get into it to get out of the Mafia. Here’s what to do if you want to survive. You first have to become a rat to the Mafia family to get the offer, so work on that first. Usually, this means you need to work toward getting into a high-ranking position in the family. Trying to rat people out as a low-ranked peon will just get you whacked.

The first step is to become a rat. This means you need to open the Mafia family job menu and choose the option to turn yourself into the police. This will open up the next step. The goal when trying to do this is to collect evidence. You will be given five years to complete this task. If you fail in this task, you will be sent to jail, and made an enemy of the family. These rats can often be sniffed out in a variety of ways, and so you need to be careful.

You can do this by interacting with any of the Mafia members in the co-worker’s menu. Any good relationships you have on high marks will reward evicence. Just choose the option on as many family members as you can without getting caught. You will have about five years to collect evidence, and you will likely need to repeat this gathering process for many members in your family.

After you have finally collected evidence, it’s time to turn it in. The police will collect the evidence, and should offer you a path into the Witness Protection Program in BitLife with a random event. It might take some time, so get ready to hope you get lucky. If you get unlucky, you will likely be outed as a rat. That means you will lose relationships with your Mafia family, but will also be open to harassment and getting whacked. Once you turn in the evidence, and turn it in, you can then move on with your life and join the program.

So why deal with all of this? Because you were probably the confidential informant in the mob, and you want to get out. When you do get in, you will be moved to a new country and given a new name. That will allow you to live out your life in peace.

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