How to get elephants in Age of Empires IV

How many ages are there in Age of Empires IV?

There are a lot of factions in this game, and as a result, a glut of military units as well. Some of the most terrifying are the elephants. The elephants in Age of Empires IV can thunder across the map, crushing many other units underfoot. When you use certain factions, you can even produce special elephant units. Unfortunately, elephants are only available for specific civilizations and they’re not easy to get regardless.

This new sequel has added a bunch of new and revamped mechanics to the game. Veteran players might recognize some things, but a lot has been altered. Trading Posts and Relics are back, but the developers have added a bunch more. Aside from the shiny new visuals, there’s a lot of gameplay tweaks to learn.

How to get elephants in Age of Empires IV

So far, only one faction has access to these units. You have two options for getting them within this faction.  So far, only the Delhi Sultanate has had access to this unit. It’s a devastating weapon in terms of offense but it has one weakness, it’s very slow. You can best counter these two units with fast-moving ranged units. Archer cavalry is a pretty good counter, so the Mongols are at a pretty big advantage here early game.

If you want to attack cities and buildings, use the Tower War Elephant, trained at the Archery Range. This thunderous siege engine of ivory and rage will knock out walls like no big deal.

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Then there’s the War Elephant, which can be trained in the Stable. These more direct units simply ram things and step on other units. They’re great for breaking tanky enemy units. Having a troop of these tusked monstrosities knocking on your door is not a good day.

When the Delhi Sultanate reaches the Imperial Age, it can unlock a special Landmark known as the Palace of the Sultan which can churn them out. You can even garrison Scholar units there to produce War Elephants faster. If you want to know more, check out our full guide on all the Landmarks in Age of Empires 4.

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