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Elite: Dangerous gets 1.4 CQC update


Frontier has just released the new 1.4 update for Elite: Dangerous. The list of changes and new features is quite massive, chief among them is the inclusion of the CQC arena mode into the main game on PC and Xbox One.

CQC adds a separate arena-ish PvP mode to Elite: Dangerous, in which everybody pilots one of the smaller, quicker ships (Eagles, etc) in various competitive modes. If you’re a bit tired of space trucking and would rather spend some time drifting in silent running mode, or popping in and out from behind asteroids, CQC is worth a try.

That’s the headline addition, but here’s what else the 1.4 update adds to the game.


– CQC Added!
– Imperial Eagle added
– Federal Gunship added
– Federal Assault Ship added
– Hazardous resource extraction sites added
– Compromised nav beacons added
– Legal salvage missions added
– Added Outfitting for CQC
– Changed how powerplant damage is handled – small chance of instant destruction, otherwise malfunctions and halved power output
– Assign Imperial Eagles to those who should have them from their backer rewards

To get update 1.4, open up the Elite: Dangerous launcher and let it auto-update in the usual fashion. You’ll be cruising around space arenas in no time.

That’s just a highlights version of what’s been changed though. As mentioned up top, the changelog is gigantic. Plenty of little tweaks to dig in to.

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