How to gain Skill Points in Final Fantasy VII Remake for weapon upgrades in Final Fantasy VII Remake

How long does it take to beat Final Fantasy VII Remake?

The upgrade system in Final Fantasy VII Remake offers a much more refined experience compared to the original game. Players will still need to be grinding out EXP, AP, and SP though the process is much easier this time around. Skill Points in Final Fantasy VII are one of two key kinds of experience that can be gained, aside from the EXP that confers level-ups which increase your base stats.

The system of the original game saw players upgrading the base weapons fairly quickly, as weapons deeper into the game’s story had better stats and more links. This meant that many players ditched starter weapons and gear, including Cloud’s iconic Buster Sword, fairly early into the gameplay. The new remake changes the system in one key way to make this less of a viable option, but in a good way.

The Skill Points in Final Fantasy VII are now allocated from a pool. Any and all weapons are all allocated the character’s maximum amount of Skill Points. So if you have a pool of 30 Skill Points, you can allocate the full 30 points to any weapon you choose. Each Skill Point spent goes into a specific upgrade within that weapon, as well as general stat boosts. Using this setup, it’s now much easier to specialize characters in your party into certain roles in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Tifa can be made into a more tanky character, while Barret could be worked into a more magic-wielding character.

The way you gain these Skill Points is pretty simple, just level up your character. You gain more than one Skill Point per level, up to four or more per level. The various sidequests and other tasks within the game aside from battles are a solid path to quick levels, so be sure to take those on when you find them.

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