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Fortnite Terminator T-800 and Sarah Connor skins released

Terminator T-800 and Sarah Connor Skins Live

As part of the ongoing Hunters storyline, a few more lethal fighters have joined the fray. And when I think pop culture icons with a penchant for hunting and killing, I think Terminators. And it appears that Epic had the same reasoning. It turns out that a new set has been brought into the item shop to commemorate these new fighters entering the ring.

The crux of the new set being added to Fortnite is a pair of Terminator T-800 and Sarah Connor skins that depict the classic duo.

And as with these new releases, there’s promotional art to gawk at. You can check that out below. So let’s talk about what you can get in the new set.

The core skin has two variations, both styled after Terminator 2. The second film features Sarah Connor as she and her son John join a reprogrammed T-800 in trying to protect John from the more advanced polymetal alloy T-1000. That features a rather grim Sarah Connor costume, which the skin is based on. The T-800 look appears to be based on designs from the original Terminator film, where it appears more clearly.

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And because Epic doesn’t do anything by half-measure, there are other items as well. Dubbed the Future War set, the Terminator T-800 and Sarah Connor skins will be joined by a few other cosmetics. There’s a HK Sky Net Uplink Back Bling and Techno-Grip Axe to give you a sinsiter Skynet look to your gear.

Check it out in the image below.

Fortnite Future War set

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