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Fear the Wolves’ new trailer focuses on weather systems

Fear the Wolves

Vostok Games has released another short video detailing gameplay aspects of their upcoming shooter, Fear the Wolves. There are multiple weather effects being added to the game, all of which have different effects on gameplay.

First let’s star with the base options for weather. Clear weather is the standard mode and confers no positive or negative effects to the players. Windy weather reduces movement speed and alters long-range accuracy. Rain makes it harder to see and control vehicles, but will also mask your movements. Hot weather reduces the ability to hold your breath and makes consumable items less effective. Fog, the first of the weather modes with multiple intensities, can severely limit your visibility.

But that’s not all, there are also combined weather systems. Storms combine the Rain and Wind states for example, even to the degree that gunshots are less loud.

No word yet on whether Vostok Games will add in more expanded options at a later date, but it seems like a good idea once they iron out the rest of the gameplay.

In addition to the new gameplay preview the devs also released a simple patch to fix some bugs and add some missing features, you can find the details over on Steam, and summarized down below.

  • Added a swinging motion to the evacuation rope.
    • This will make it more difficult to shoot down the player attached to the rope.
  • Improvements to the wolves’ behavior:
    • Now wolves will use close range attacks in narrow places.
    • Wolves will no longer leap while indoors.
    • Other fixes and improvements.
  • Added an FOV slider.
  • Added the option to show Ping and FPS counters in game.
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Check out the full featurette on weather effects in Fear the Wolves down below.

There is some bad news though. The dev teams has had to push back their initial projections for release due to production difficulties. Fear the Wolves should land on Steam Early Access this year for PC, and it will have a wide release for PC and consoles next year. In the meantime, you can keep an eye on the official site for more news about the game. You can also check out the original E3 trailer if you haven’t heard of this game before.

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