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Football Manager 2021 Early Access Coming

Football Manager 2021 Release Date

Football Manager 2021 Early Access will be coming sooner than thought, as fans got some very good news this week. Sega has stepped out to announce the beginning of the testing period for the next iteration of the iconic sports sim. The Football Manager series is for the kind of gamer that finds fantasy leagues a bit too easy to understand. Put another way, they really like reading stats and roleplaying as the head of a team at a variety of skill levels.

Players get to step into the shoes of a GM or team owner of a team in pretty much any league that plays at an amateur or pro level. Football leagues all over the world are simulated to an impressive level of detail. All the games are played and stats are tracked for thousands of real and fictional players. Everything from managing injuries and salaries, to handling contract disputes and player training, is all handled in the game.

If that sounds like your kind of thing, you’re in luck. The game is coming out in a Football Manager 2021 Early Access period quite soon. And if you pre-order Football Manager 2021, you get some bonuses. Sure the 10% discount is nice, but there’s more. There’s also a premium pass to Early Access for the game in there.  Sega has said that the testing phase could last a while though they expect it ti run a few weeks ahead of launch.

Football Manager 2021 drops November 24 to give genre fans a new fix of sports in these trying times.

While an exact release date has not been revealed for the early access run, more details are coming, The timing of the November release suggests that the early access is coming next month, no confirmation though.

Sega is looking to make this game the best entry in the franchise so far. The simulation is getting beefed up with additional layers for both stat tracking and player control. The PC release will be the primary release, launching on Epic Games Store and Steam. There will also be some console releases too.

There’s a slimmed-down Switch release called the ‘Touch’ version, which plays in a simplified UI that’s pretty reminiscent of mobile ports of previous games. That version has been pegged for a vague December release, although with no exact date. If you’re on the Xbox Series X, you’re also getting a version of the game, details on that incoming.

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