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NHL 19 will have a much better franchise mode this time around

NHL 19 Franchise Mode Features Video

NHL 19 is coming next month, and EA is giving players an in-depth look at all the new and improved systems for the Franchise Mode in this year’s outing.

Games Modes Producer Gurn Sumal explains that EA is looking to heavily alter the franchise mode in NHL 19 compared to previous years.

Scouting and Drafts have been significantly revamped as well. Those who found previous iterations of Drafting in EA games will rejoice at these changes too. Instead of having just a single scout that you have to wait on, teams can hire up to 20 scouts and spread them out all over the place. Rookies will now have more stat visibility as well, meaning that it’s now much easier to pick out potential winners for the player. The other Draft Class nonsense has been done away with entirely in favor of a more condensed reporting system, represented by new stat cards. And of course you can deep-dive these reports if there’s a player you’re really interested in. All this should mean a constant flow of information for the player that they must sort through, simultaneously reducing tedium while upping challenge.

However, the balance has been shifted thanks to the new Fog of War system. Fog of War obscures certain stats on the cards for potential players, and there’s only one way to get rid of these blocks. Franchises will need to consistently scout potential recruits to clear these blocked out stats away over the course of a season. The scouting process will also give players more feedback as to high-potential Gems to focus your recruiting efforts on.

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Check out the full features rundown in the video below. The game will launch on September 14th for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. If you pre-order the NHL 19 Legends Edition or NHL 19 Ultimate Edition, you can get it early though, three days early to be exact. Head over to Amazon to pick it up now.

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