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CIG Responds to The Escapist with Legal Demands


The ever-evolving saga of drama between Cloud Imperium and it’s critics has developed to a new height. CIG published an extensive legal demand letter to Defy Media, the parent company of The Escapist. In said letter they challenged the legitimacy of several claims within The Escapist’s recent article about Star Citizen. The letter makes several demands of Defy Media. Along with a retraction of their article that made some serious allegations about HR practices at CIG, the letter demands a published, personal apology to Ms. Gardiner and the CIG HR manager. It also tells Defy Media to “empower” an independent body to investigate the circumstances surrounding the creation and publication of the piece.

The scandalous nature of this whole situation is obvious. CIG calls the allegations as “violating the most basic journalistic duties” and “grossly negligent”. If Defy Media does not comply with these demands by “End of day Monday [5 October]”, then CIG claims it will “prepare legal action in the US and UK against the individuals and entities involved”.

The crux of the response by CIG rests on the highly contentious allegations made via seven anonymous sources within the The Escapist’s article. Chief among them was of hiring discrimination by CIG’s HR department. The secondary but nonetheless serious allegations of misallocation of backer funds and project mismanagement.

The various responses by The Escapist took to defending their publication and their sources. The validity of which CIG disputes; referring to them at one point as “a small group of disgruntled former employees”, but does claim that the verification of one employee by his or her ‘company ID card’ is dubious as CIG does not issue such cards.

At the time of writing, Defy Media have not responded to these demands.

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