How to Get Playground Mode in Fortnite

How to unlock Playground Mode in Fortnite

So what is Playground mode in Fortnite? Well it’s something that you might want to use. Normally this game is all about the trial by fire, as you have to learn the map and the game while playing normal modes. With this mode though, you can practice with weapons and items and of course learn the massive map. It’s really useful for new players who are looking to learn the basics of playing the game.

So because Playground is a bit of a weird mode compared to the basic battle royale experience, it isn’t always up and running. Sometimes Epic will remove the mode or change things around. So here’s how to get back into the practice mode.

How to Get Playground Mode in Fortnite

Playground mode in Fortnite is very intriguing. The new mode allows players to join up as either solo or as a squad, and it has only really one use. The point of the mode is to test the game out at your own speed. This is basically a private lobby within the game. Under normal circumstances, you only get to access the various game modes with dozens of other players in the match. This means you won’t be able to explore the map without being shot at and possibly taken out.

Playground mode in Fortnite was previously removed from the game some time ago, but it has apparently been added back once again. But you have to move to a new server region. Only certain regions seem to support the mode currently, as it looks like Epic has left the mode active in some places, like Asian servers for example.

So just change your server region and if you go into the menu for queuing up and Playground is up and running, you can play it.

And if you want a video guide, check that out down below.

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