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New Gundam Breaker announced plans for post-launch patches

New Gundam Breaker DLC

The launch of New Gundam Breaker has been a bit shaky, and reviews were less than favorable. But despite these issues, Bandai Namco plan to soldier on with post-launch updates for the game to improve the currently rocky state of the experience. The team announced the plans via Twitter, with a handy image to make it easy to understand.

According to these patch plans, the month of July will have the following changes:

  • The responsiveness of the controls and stability of the game will be improved.
  • The behavior of the camera and lock-on system will be adjusted.
  • Changes will be made to the behavior of the ‘third party,’ as well as to parts falling off due to damage from them. Whether this is the opponent team or neutral forces are not clear.
  • During a multiplayer match, you will acquire parts that your teammates have gathered at the end of a match.
  • Various lines will be added for radio chat.
  • Various parameters will be adjusted.

August will also get a few patches for New Gundam Breaker, including the following:

  • Changes will be made to the sorting feature when in the assembly area
  • Another unique battle setting stage is being added
  • The ability to create private rooms for three-versus-three battles will be added
  • Co-op matches between 3 players and AI opponents are being enabled
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New Gundam Breaker is having issues with a lackluster story and too much repetitive gameplay, let’s just hope that these gameplay aspects are adjusted to be less annoying, although the likely of the high school dating sim story going away is negligible, so that’s something players will have to live with.

If you want to learn more about the DLC that New Gundam Breaker is getting, check out the DLC trailer for the game.

New Gundam Breaker released June 22nd for PS4 and sometime this summer for PC. The PS4 version can be ordered on Amazon right now if you’re interested.

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