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Railroad Corporation Coming to Early Access

Railroad Corporation Coming to Early Access

Iceberg Interactive and Corbie Games have announced a new collaboration in Railroad Corporation. Railroad Corporation is a tycoon game that gives players the chance to explore 19th century America in quite the exciting way, by laying track and rolling around with steam locomotives.

And like many other titles in the Tycoon genre, you know just what to do with this game if you’ve played around with the idea before. Start from a tiny venture of moving goods back and forth with just a single rail line, before you rapidly expand your transport empire into the growing and rapidly industrializing old West. Corbie Games wants to offer players plenty of options for how to play their new title as well, offering both singleplayer and multiplayer experiences.

The idea of building your fragile railway business while also under the time crunch of human-controlled competition is appealing, a very much a welcome addition to this kind of game.

Some gamers might be suspicious of the game heading into Early Access, given the history of long development times and other issues with games in this particular area of Steam limbo, but rest assured that the developers want to get things going well while also giving gamers a chance to play this great little game.

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“Allowing players to play the game in Early Access ensures that we can focus on improving the game in advance of the full release later this year,” says Yurij Ishchuk, CEO at Corbie Games. He adds: “Since the game is unique in that it incorporates both strategy and tycoon elements, as well as a multiplayer mode, we want to make sure that we listen to the community’s feedback in order to develop the best possible version of the game for the full release”.

Railroad Corporation is due out on May 27th via Steam Early Access. Check out the debut trailer for the game down below.

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