Use the Ant Armor Set in Grounded to not get attacked by ants

Use the Ant Armor Set in Grounded to not get attacked by ants

The Ants in Grounded are the first real enemy you will encounter, and they’re numerous. The workers are mostly passive and flee when attacked, but it’s the soldier ants you really need to watch out for. The Soldiers will rush in and attack any enemies they encounter, so you have to be careful. The best defense is usually to avoid them in the very early stages of the game. But once you get deeper into the story, there’s a new avenue open to you, the Ant Armor Set. This stealth set is very useful for grabbing Ant Eggs, so you will want to get it when you can.

The Ant Armor Set is the result of crafting together various pieces harvested from ants of all kinds, and a few other sources. Here’s how to get it.

How to Unlock the Ant Armor

The Ant Armor Set is made up of three pieces: the headpiece, chest, and leggings. Each of the recipes can be unlocked by scanning the ant parts you find from various ant corpses. The best way to harvest the basic components is to stalk ant workers until you find one on their own, then rush in and take it out. This style of guerilla warfare will make it much easier to avoid the dangerous soldiers in the early stages of the game. Without Tier II or Tier III weapons and armor, this is the best approach.

How to Craft the Ant Armor

Ant Helmet

  • One ant head
  • Three ant parts
  • Five mite fuzz

Ant Arm Guards

  • Five ant parts
  • Two acid glands
  • Two mite fuzz
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Ant Knee Guards

  • Six ant parts
  • Two woven fiber
  • Four Mite Fuzz

You will have to harvest a few of these ingredients from workers. There are a few items that come from other sources. The Mite Fuzz comes from the little red mites all over the game, usually found in tall grass. The Woven Fiber is very easy to come by, as it’s just made from plant fibers. Once you have the basic components, it’s a bit more complicated from there. The Acid Glands are only from either larger insects, or from the soldier ants.

The soldier ants can be pretty tough, but there are some tricks to taking them out. The best way to deal with them is to keep mobile and keep firing on them from range. Even the basic Sprig Bow can handle a few ants pretty easily if you’re a decent shot.

All you need to do to craft the Ant Armor Set after you have gathered the materials listed above is to take them to a workbench. Have all the materials assembled and make the three armor pieces to finish up the task.

Once you equip all three parts of the Ant Armor Set you will be mostly invisible to any ants. None of the workers or soldiers will remain passive to you as long as you keep from attacking them first.

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