How to unlock the Desert Temple secret level Lower Temple in Minecraft Dungeons Jungle Awakens

How to unlock the Desert Temple secret level Lower Temple

The Minecraft Dungeons DLC, Jungle Awakens, features a bunch of new content added to the game to give more challenge and gear farming opportunities to adventurous players. And just like any other area, there are hidden secrets and zones here too. Players will be able to trek through the jungle biome added in the DLC, as well as anew addons to other biomes. This guide will focus on how to unlock the Desert Temple secret level Lower Temple.

Just like any other hidden areas in the game you need to find certain doors and unlock them. This dungeon has a hidden room involving a simple puzzle. You need to venture through the Desert Temple in the Desert biome areas to begin hunting for the Lower Level. Use our guide to find out where the Lower Temple secret level is located.

You will be on the lookout for a small hidden door that’s located deep within the Desert Temple dungeon. The door in question is usually located partway between the entrance and the ending treasure room.

You want to make your way through the level as you normally would until you have moved past the golden-walled portion of the dungeon. This is the cue to start looking for that giant golden door. This part of the dungeon will send you hunting for a golden key to unlock said door, go do that. From there you will eventually enter a small waterlogged area that has a fourway path in it. You will see an example of it in the image below.

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How to unlock the Desert Temple secret level Lower Temple

The next area after finding this door will require you to begin hunting down three pillars. When you find one of the pillars, interact with it. Wjen you do, you will see a white light shoot out from it, to let you know you have finished that part. The pillars are scattered around this second zone, so keep your eyes peeled. Check out the image below to see the pillars n you’re looking for.

How to unlock the Desert Temple secret level Lower Temple

Once you have unlocked all three pillars, return to the previous area and the center of the dungeon. The map for the secret level should spawn there. Interact with it to unlock the mission and marker for the Desert Temple secret level Lower Temple.

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