Where to get Metal Shards in Horizon Forbidden West

How to breathe underwater in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is here, and Sony fans are exploring the massive world. The story of Aloy has already found a ton of bunch of cool stuff. But to find it, you have to do the exploration. The game’s fast travel option certainly makes completing the game easier, so learning about that’s a good idea. There are many other mechanics you will want to familiarize yourself with. Of the many systems in the game, crafting new gear and weapons is pretty important. There are plenty of tools and weapons you can use to get through the various challenges in the game. Smoke Bombs in Horizon Forbidden West are one of the many different items you can use to deal with various beasts. You can also learn to breathe underwater to get more exploration done.

To make many of these items, you need a lot of Metal Shards in Horizon Forbidden West. The sources for these basic items vary a lot. You can get your hands on them in a few different ways. The Shards also act as a currency item. You can use them to purchase various items like fast travel packs, armor, weapons, potions, and virtually anything else that you might need. Keep reading to figure out where to get more.

Where to get Metal Shards in Horizon Forbidden West

There are a number of ways you can get Metal Shards. Some are better than others, but you can basically use any to the methods to get some. One of the best ways to get more of any resource in the game is through exploration. As you find enemies to fight and chests to loot, various items will be uncovered. It’s a ton of fun to see what Aloy can uncover in her time out in the ruins. It’s a great game, so get out and explore. But for the sake of more details, here are the best places to look.

Killing and Looting mobs

Finding the various evil machines out in the waste can be terrifying. but taking them out offers sweet rewards. Players who manage to take down the various vicious machines prowling around get rewarded with various bits of loot. You can earn quite a bit of cash and crafting material by just going hunting.

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Now, it’s worth mentioning here that the more difficult the machine is to kill, the more Metal Shards you will get. The game hands out better loot for tougher foes, so keep that in mind. Just be careful not to get caught up in fights you can’t handle. The game has a level-based system for a reason.

Selling Unwanted Items

Since the Metal Shards are a currency, they are given out anytime you sell unneeded items. Any piece of armor or weapon you don’t need shouldn’t weigh you down. If your inventory is full, it’s a good idea to do a shop run and get rid of the junk you don’t plan to use. Just pay attention to what items you sell, as some sell for more shards compared to others. It’s usually a good idea to target farm those items or components if you need more shards. The effort put into hunting those rarer items down is more than worth it.

Supply Caches

This is one of the hidden items within the game. As you explore the ruins of humanity, you will undoubtedly come across many supply crates and other hidden caches of supplies. Another fantastic way to get your hands on some extra Metal Shards is by looting chests you find out in the world. You won’t always get the same amount of stuff from each chest, but it’s well-worth getting your hands on more items through hunting them down in chests.

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