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World of Warcraft Classic is coming in Summer 2019

World of Warcraft Classic

During BlizzCon 2018, the release date for World of Warcraft Classic has finally been revealed. We’ll be traveling back in time to 2004 to experience a much simpler WoW, when World of Warcraft Classic releases in Summer 2019.

The World of Warcraft Classic Demo is playable now if you’re at BlizzCon or if you purchased the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket. Although you’ll be limited to one hour sessions, mostly to prevent you from blitzing into unprepared or buggy areas that aren’t ready for the public.

In this demo, players will be returning to Azeroth to experience what the most popular MMO was like prior to everything being destroyed in the Cataclysm expansion. Leveling and farming for items and gold will be an antiquated experience where nostalgia is the only thing powering your motivation on the grind to level 60. The older talent and class progression systems return as well, meaning you’ll have to relearn all the old talents and skills you forgot, since they’ve almost certainly been reworked or eliminated in the newer versions of World of Warcraft.

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In terms of in-game content, expect World of Warcraft Classic to encompass raids like those of the 40-man days of yore. So you’ll eventually face off against Onyxia and Ragnaros, among other end-game dungeons and raids from the pre-2.0 days.

And yes, World of Warcraft Classic will be free to all WoW subscribers when it finally arrives next year.


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