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Hearthstone’s Tombs of Terror adventure starts Sept. 17

Hearthstone Tombs of Terror Launch Date

Good news Hearthstone fans, the ruins of Uldum are being unlocked, and it’s time to delve deeply and greedily in search of lost relics. With a new solo adventure coming to the popular card game, a new quest awaits you in the dark depths. Tombs of Terror is a single-player game mode being added with the Saviors of Uldum expansion.  Of course, it brings out a bunch of new cards, and some card backs, there’s a new solo adventure for the players that like that kind of thing. This new solo adventure offers a total of five more wings of boss battles, all with escalating difficulty. And just like the other releases in this style, like Rise of Shadows, Blizzard is making the first outing free for everyone. That way you can try the new content out before committing to buying into it.

gamers can take on the role of one of four heroes, each offering a unique mix of the different default classes that decks are usually built around. Elise Starseeker, a Night Elf librarian, uses a Priest/Druid setup. Dino-tamer Brann Bronzebeard will combine Warrior and Hunter. Sir Finley Mrrglton of the Sands is a Paladin/Shaman who is also a murloc, and Reno Jackson is a Rogue/Mage hybrid. Each hero also has their own unique set of hero powers, offering more strategic choice. Players can even unlock more powerful hero powers by fulfilling certain conditions through play, like summoning a certain number of minions.

This variety of choice offers plenty replay value as well, as each run is unique. As players progress through a run, each duel will apply different modifiers, called Twists, that add a new tactical layer. For one example, game can spawn waves of Murloc minions. Players who complete each wave of bosses unlock Treasure Cards, which grant further boons for the rest of that run.

Although if it’s half-as-fun as Dalaran Heist, I cannot imagine that being a hard sale to make. You can also earn three card packs for each first-time completion of the chapters, so that’s plenty of free cards for the price of admission.

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As for price, the full five sector adventure will cost $19.99, but if you complete the first wing ahead of purchasing, you unlock three themed card packs and a small discount. The first chapter of Tombs of Terror will be available on September 17th for free, and players will be able to play with one of the heroes as a test. Three additional chapters will be released in the weeks to come, and can be purchased for 700 in-game gold apiece, or in a $14.99 USD launch bundle. A $19.99 bundle is also available that contains a random legendary from Saviors of Uldum and a themed cosmetic card back. There’s a total of 40 bosses in all, with plenty of replay value too, as the decks you build through each run can be wildly different. Seems like a pretty good deal to me. Check it out in the trailer below.

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