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Warframe reveals Nightwave Week 8 Quests

Warframe Nightwave Update 1 Live

Nightwave, the latest themed content block for Warframe, has been out for a couple of months now, and a bunch of new players are looking for guidance on what to do to earn those fancy rewards. It’s simple, complete quests attached to the content. The easiest way to do this is to simply push for completing each set of weekly event quests, and with the new week, comes a new bundle of tasks.

The New Quests

As is custom now with these rotating weekly events, hardcore players will have a handful of new Quests that act as weekly goals for players to undertake.

Capture missions might be a bit tedious, but any group can fulfill this task very easily. A speedy Volt can help complete this quickly, but since there’s no level requirement for these, cheesing them is certainly possible. If you want the best possible rewards though, aim for Sorties and Void missions of this type to pop up and do those for the easy Forma and other materials.

The next easy missions of the batch. Clem’s missions are very simple, survive for 10 minutes. Since this is like any other Survival mission, just bring along a build meant to maximize the effect of Life Support and with plenty of Life and you will be fine.

Tusk Thumpers are a bit of a difficult target to hunt down. You need to head to the Plains of Eidolon during daytime, and be on the lookout for both the normal Tusk Thumpers and the Bull variants. Beware though, the Bulls are a lot tougher. Shoot off the armor plating for starters, this will trigger the weak point to instantiate. The glowing green weak point will need to be targeted with all available DPS. This process will repeat for all four legs on the big beast.

Weapons and Warframes you really enjoy playing should be the target here. And as newer players won’t have a ton of Forma available, prioritize your most commonly used stuff first. Burning three Forma is a bit of a loss for these newer players, but sustained Sortie farming can result in a steady supply for veteran players.

This quest might be a bit strange to new players, as capturing animals isn’t something that comes normally for some players. Here’s the basics, head to Fortuna (Venus) and find ‘The Business’. Buy yourself a Tranq Rifle and a bundle of different Lures. Equip these new items to your weapon wheel, and head to Orb Vallis. Once there, start looking for the start of tracks by looking for animal poop, yes poop.

Once you’ve picked up a trail and followed it to its conclusion, it’s time to pull out your Lure. . Try to match the animal noises by keeping the sound inside the marked area and eventually your hunting target will respond. Once the animal has approached you, using an invisibility frame helps, use your Tranq Rifle to capture the animal.

And then there’s the pair of new Elite Quests aimed at experienced Waframe fans.

Lua and the Halls of Ascension are not an easy thing to do, and because of the difficulty, a lot of people skip it. But with this weekly quest, you have a new incentive to farm the location for a bit. Dealing with the different puzzles is something that’s somewhat akin to Path of Exile and its Labyrinth. Doing it four times in a week requires a bit of effort, but if you just hang out with an active high-level Clan, you should be able to find some groups reliably enough for this. The recruitment channel is a good place to start.

The other Weekly Elite Quest is to take on a handful of Sortie missions, three in total. Sorties themselves are actually a set of three missions that rotate out daily, so you have to play multiple days in a week to fulfill this Elite Quest. And since these are level 30 missions, they’re intended for endgame players, so you have to fulfill some conditions before you even get access. Read the wiki page for more details.

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