How does PlayStation 5 backward compatibility work?

How does PlayStation 5 backward compatibility work?

Sony just announced a bunch of games for the PS5. During the reveal event this week, a lot of gamers were asking for more details about PlayStation 5 backward compatibility. The new PlayStation 5 has a massive library of games already, with more than a dozen already confirmed. This was pretty exciting, but there’s a ton of PS4 owners out there. And there’s also a bunch of classic PlayStation fans that love their PS2 and PS3 games. Even though Sony has teased that the new console would support older games, things are still unclear.

So what does this all mean? Well, Sony is about to make it easier to enjoy many classic older games on the PS5. So here’s what we know about PlayStation 5 backward compatibility so far.

PlayStation 5 Backward Compatibility Explained

In a previous interview, Sony did confirm that backward compatibility will be a core part of the PS5 experience. However, there are some potential hangups. We all remember when the Xbox One arrived, and it only featured a select few Xbox 360 titles, and basically no support for the original Xbox. Even now, at the tail-end of the platform’s life, the only way to play older games on both the PS4 and Xbox One is to purchase them through digital storefronts or on-demand services.

Sony has also teased that PlayStation Now would be coming, but details are scant. We know that the services will come out for the new Sony console at some point. As of now, the PS5 will only work with PS4 games for backwards compatibility. Sony did say that only the most popular PS4 games would be supported at PS5 launch. This means that about 100 games will work with it at launch. In contrast, the Xbox Series X will support all generations of Xbox games.

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